Edinburgh Photobook Club #1 – Storytelling

Robert Frank, Story A, Story B, 2002
Robert Frank, Story A, Story B, 2002

First session of the Edinburgh Photobook Club in the Art & Design library at Edinburgh Central Library (7-9 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh) on Tuesday February 13 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

Exploring the wonderful photobook collection of the Art & Design library, each participant will pick a photobook that relates to the theme “Storytelling“ (how a story is told in photographs, words, drawings and other graphic interventions in the space of a photobook). The group will then discuss the content and design of each participant’s selected book.

Hosts : Alan Eglinton (independent photographer) and Alex Hall (student in photography at ECA)

Session full.

Free event.

For inscriptions, RSVP : alaneglinton@gmail.com

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